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North Philadelphia Financial Partnership (NPFP) is a federally certified Community Lending Institution formed in 1996 to assist in developing economic self-sufficiency and increase employment opportunities within North Central Philadelphia Empowerment Zone. NPFP is expanding its service area. NPFP is an innovative response to capital flight and credit deprivation. NPFP by providing flexible financing terms to new and established businesses helps these businesses to succeed and put residents to work.

Over our twelve year history and through our various programs, the North Philadelphia Financial Partnership has assisted 102 businesses through its loan and technical assistance programs resulting in the creation and/or retention of 2062 jobs and 601 jobs for Empowerment Zone residents. Since its inception, NPFP has disbursed $11.7 million in loans to 63 businesses with loan amounts ranging from $5,000 to $1,500,000.

The partnership has focused its energies and resources on entrepreneurs who are doing business in the zone or are willing to relocate within the zone. Now, the partnership is expanding its goals by providing accessible capital, technical support and financial services outside of the zone. NPFP continues to be an innovative response to capital flight and credit deprivation.

    What We Offer:

bullet Core Areas - North Philadelphia Financial Partnership (NPFP) is located at the gateway to North Philadelphia. North Philadelphia Financial Partnership has determined that to grow and progress, it must expand its trade area.
bullet Funded Projects - If your enterprise is to become successful it will require an experienced community lending institution like NPFP to help you meet the financial challenges that your business will face.
bullet Resources - All start-up and existing commercial businesses that wish to operate in North Central Philadelphia may qualify for NPFP financial assistance.

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